Yellow gemstones and power

Yellow & orange gemstones and power

Yellow is the lightest of all colors by its effect. But it loses its light power if it is darkened with gray, black, or purple. Yellow represents, as it were, a condensed and more material white color. The deeper it penetrates the thickness of opaque materials, the more it becomes yellow-orange, orange, and red-orange. Red is the border that yellow cannot cross. From yellow to red, the middle of the path is orange.
The strongest and most concentrated degree of penetration of yellow light into matter.
The golden color represents the full sublimation of matter by the power of light, subtly radiating, opaque, and light. The expression "to see the light" means understanding the previously hidden truth. Speaking about someone who has a "bright head," we indirectly call him brilliant. Yellow, as the lightest of colors, symbolizes intelligence, cognition. The yellow color is associated with the concept of truth.
A clouded truth is a sick truth, not actual at all. Therefore, the dull yellow color expresses envy, betrayal, duplicity, doubt, distrust, and madness. If yellow is superimposed on orange, it gives the impression of a bright morning sun shining over a field of ripening wheat.
If the yellow color is given on a green background, it shines, eclipsing the green since green is a mixture of yellow and blue, yellow looks like visiting relatives here.
The yellow color on a purple background acquires a highly great power, harsh and ruthless. Yellow on a medium-lightened blue shines, but as a stranger and lost, the gently sensual blue hardly tolerates the light cognizing the beginning of yellow next to it.
Yellow on red creates a powerful, loud chord, like the sound of a bell on Easter morning.
Yellow on a white background gives the impression of a dark color that has lost its radiance. If we replace the white background color with yellow and yellow with white, both shades will change their expression. White pushes him aside and puts him in the position of a subordinate.
Yellow on a black background manifests itself in the brightest and most aggressive brilliance. He is sharp, sharp, and uncompromising.

Orange stones include sapphires, amber, spessartin (garnet), citrine, tourmaline.
Orange color - a mixture of yellow and red - is as active as possible. It has the brightness of sunlight, reaching the maximum of dynamic, warm energy in a red-orange shade. The festive orange color is a symbol of proud, external splendor. It quickly lost its character in a diluted form, darkened with black fades, and turned into a dull, meaningless dry brown. If this brown is lightened, then beige tones will turn out, creating a friendly, warm, beneficial atmosphere.