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Opals belong to a group of colored stones with an optical effect called "opalescence," when bright spots flash like lightning inside the stone. The richer and brighter this game is, the more expensive the stone.

Among the noble opals, there are white opals with a white or light leading tone and rarer black opals, which are dark gray, dark blue, dark green, or grayish-black. Deep black color is scarce.

The opal matrix "opaline" represents the mother rock's stripes, spots, or sparkles of noble opal. Due to the spectacular color contrasts, such stones are also used in jewelry.

The rules for evaluating an opal are centered around its color. The entire classification is carried out with the naked eye. When illuminated with a spotlight from the back of the stone.

Currently, the following classification is used to evaluate opals:

A - rainbow play of all colors of the spectrum, the asymmetrical pattern on the entire surface;

B - rainbow play of at least three colors of the spectrum, good symmetry of the way on the surface;

C – rainbow play of two colors of the spectrum, radiance is less than that of varieties A and B;

D - commercial quality, a soft rainbow play of colors, more diminutive than varieties A, B, C.

When buying a black opal, make sure that you are not offered a doublet or a triplet, that is, not a stone consisting of two or three parts glued together. There are many such imitations nowadays. Black opal is very rare and extremely expensive: a gemstone, the size of a bean, can cost about 25 thousand US dollars.

Opals have always been valued very dearly. At the beginning of the 20th century. There was a decline in demand for this stone due to the superstitious notion that it brings misfortune. Opal was considered a symbol of impermanence, changeability of fate.

In some ancient books, it is even written that it is constantly dangerous to wear opal because it attracts misfortune and envy. It is recommended to remove jewelry with an opal at night.

Currently, it is believed that opals of a warm range are stones of God, love, faith, compassion, creativity. They enlighten the mind with the play of light on their surface, disperse gloomy thoughts and fears. Looking at the opals, Indian magicians recalled their previous incarnations.

Opal promotes mutual understanding, friendly and family ties.

Fire opal has the brilliance and uniqueness of autumn colors, making it a stone intended for all those born in October.

It is recommended to wear an opal in a gold frame on the index finger of the right hand.

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