What is a diamonds certificate?

What is a diamonds certificate?

Currently, high-quality gemstones weighing more than one carat are rarely sold without certificates. A certificate with the characteristics of a gemstone compiled by scientific laboratories does not just confirm the authenticity of the stone - it contains a complete description of the stone and an assessment of each of the fundamental factors affecting its quality, beauty, and value.
Scientific centers dealing with diamond certification have the most decadent experience in the world in the certification of precious stones. Diamond certification is widely used all over the world. This is because one of the reliable means of investing capital is the purchase of diamonds with the highest quality and suitable cut. Naturally, those who purchase such goods want to guarantee their quality.
The presence of a certificate and related services guaranteed by investment institutions stimulates interest in products with diamonds and other precious stones, but at the same time, increases their cost by about 15%.

Owners who have a diamond with a GIA certificate or other document confirming the quality are confident in the authenticity of the jewel. But although well-known laboratories are engaged in the research, there may be strengths and weaknesses in the assessments. The degree of confidence in the results obtained depends on the type of conclusion received. We will talk about the institutions that analyze diamonds in Russia and abroad. And also draw a parallel between the level of the stone and its cost.

The concept of certification of precious stones
Certification of diamonds is carried out for non-etched stones in laboratories with the appropriate status. The main characteristics of the study are the mass, color, and purity of the crystal.
The following vital point is the shape of the precious mineral. It depends on the perfection of the cut.
Gemological studies reveal distinctive features inherent only in this specimen.

After checking for a diamond, a certificate is issued. Relevant records are made in it, including the date of the examination, the serial number of the investigated element, information about the institution where the research was conducted.

On the territory of the Russian Federation, diamonds (not corrected) can be sold in retail outlets if there is such a document. This sales procedure was established by Russian legislation.

Specialists involved in diamond certification must have domestic or foreign diplomas from gemological training centers. Practical experience in diamond processing is also required. After a thorough study of the diamond, gemologists estimate the value accurately.

The highest level of assessment
Institutions that certify diamonds dividу into three levels. In the first place, some laboratories give the most accurate assessment of the studied minerals based on scientific data. The most famous is the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). These organizations are usually funded from the State budget.

The GIA certificate for a diamond gives a strict assessment of the color. There are nine degrees of gradation of shades. Also, when studying the quality of the cut, the observance of proportions is taken into account.

Let's say a few words about how the document looks like. It contains a schematic drawing of the crystal, demonstrating the shape and dimensions of the faces and corners. A full scale of color and transparency is also provided. Weight and parameters are mandatory attributes for a diamond certificate. The certificates of other laboratories indicate the same parameters.
The difference between them lies in the quality of the assessment.

At the moment, the GIA laboratory has the highest reputation level. However, this gives disadvantages in some moments. So, the examination takes too much time (2-4 weeks). The cost of the service is high. For example, you have to pay at least $ 105 for the certification of a carat stone.

On the edge
A diamond with a certificate issued by the International Gemological Institute (HRD) or the American Gemological Society (AGS) is trustworthy. These institutions are slightly inferior to the GIA and belong to the first level. They also do scientific research and evaluate colored diamonds and those that cost more than $ 3,000.

The second category of laboratories where it is possible to examine includes commercial organizations. This list consists of the European Gemological Laboratory of the USA (abbreviated as EGL USA). Such institutions are more loyal to evaluating diamonds, although they use the GIA color scale. At the same time, purity and cut values are usually overestimated by 1-2 gradations. This is due to the fear of losing customers. For the same reason, services are cheaper, and it is possible to pay only for a preliminary assessment without the certificate itself.

The location of the laboratory itself also affects the correctness of the document. Practice proves that a diamond certificate issued in the USA contains data very close to accurate. And those received from branches in Israel or Hong Kong do not always collect reliable information.

Are jewelers honest with us? We understand certificates for jewelry.
Commercial structures use this technique for broader demand. The quality of the diamond in a certificate is sold at a price corresponding to the actual value. Savvy sellers explain this with a discount, thereby attracting buyers. Unfortunately, this has become the norm.