No jewelry stone is distinguished by such a variety of colors as tourmaline. Jewelry varieties of tourmaline are determined by color:

rubellite - color from pink to red,

verdelite - stone of various shades of green,

indigolite - stone of different shades of blue, etc.

Pink, red, golden-green, and colorless tourmalines have been mined in the Urals since the 19th century. A striking feature of the stone is that its crystals are rarely uniformly colored. Usually, individual parts of crystals have different colors, often contrasting. Sometimes these parts are separated by planes. Suppose you cut such a zonally colored crystal. In that case, you can see zones of at least three colors:

  • The core is usually red.
  • The next zone is white.
  • The outer area is green or black.

The fantastic "watermelon" tourmaline looks exactly like the inside of a watermelon - red in the center with a green crust around it. Such zonal tourmaline crystals are usually called "watermelons". It is generally recognized that pink and red tourmalines are considered the most expensive.

Currently, products with tourmalines are considered very extravagant and fashionable. 

At the same time, only the end parts of the workpiece are usually processed, and its natural shading is preserved along the perimeter of the crystal.

Tourmaline is a stone that develops spiritual and creative abilities. It gives men to victory in love, increases potency, especially if it is worn in gold. It is also a love stone; it attracts hearts. Tourmaline with zonal coloring gives inspiration to artists.

Tourmaline likes to show its beauty during the day; it is typically a day stone. He does not enjoy the evening and artificial lighting. Even if you light a candle or lamp next to the tourmaline during the day, it somehow instantly dims and goes out. Maybe this is how he saves his strength and energy.

Black tourmaline is considered a witch stone. But at the same time, he forms a protective aura around himself, reflecting all harmful influences.


boyshorts minerals - gift for boy 

Suppose your son or grandson loves minerals and is interested in them. In that case, the best gift will be sports shorts with prints of crystals (tourmalines, garnets, amethysts, emeralds). Perhaps this will affect the fact that he will become a scientist in the field of mineralogy. But even if this does not happen, he will remember this gift for the rest of his life.