Tiger year 2022 gemstones answers. Tiger: characterization of the sign

The year 2022 talisman gemstones explained

Tiger year 2022 gemstones answers.
Tiger: characterization of the sign
Swift and luxurious, attractive and bright, the Tiger always attracts attention in society. This is a sign of freedom-loving and independent people who can appreciate adventures and a non-standard approach in everything. Brave and generous, Tigers often show qualities such as selfishness and stubbornness, which can prevent them from building a career and making loyal friends.

Talisman stones for people born in the Year of the Tiger
The energy compatibility with an amulet crystal depends on many factors.
Including the zodiac sign, the sign according to the Chinese calendar, and the name. However, for people born in the year of the Tiger, several universal amulet stones will suit them all:

Diamond (diamond). This crystal is recommended worn by those who dream of finding their true love or strengthening an existing union. The gemstone charges the Tiger-man with energy, helps to cope with overstraining. An important nuance is that the magical power is fully revealed only if the amulet is received as a gift and not bought.
Topaz. The best mascot for those born in the year of the Tiger. The mineral improves immunity, promotes rapid recovery, helps make rational decisions in any situation, attracts good luck, and allows you to find a way out of the most challenging conditions.
Amethyst. It will bring peace and harmony to the owner's life, alleviate the Tiger's craving for change and extreme pursuits, help build a career and establish relationships with loved ones.

For the magic of a natural gem to be as effective as possible.
When choosing an amulet, it is also recommended to consider the element of the Tiger-the patron person and the date of birth of a particular person.

According to the Chinese calendar, every year is under the patronage of one or another animal. It belongs to one of the main elements. In Chinese mythology, there are five of them: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. It is necessary to select the best talisman for a person taking into account the elements of his birth:

The Water-Tiger. People of this sign are prone to empathy. They willingly help others, including sharing their energy with them (this often happens unconsciously and leads to energy exhaustion). A water tiger is recommended to wear a topaz as a talisman. This mineral creates an inviolable energy reserve and establishes a barrier between the owner and others — it protects the wearer from fatigue. It helps to maintain an optimal energy balance.
Metal Tiger. The distinctive features of this sign are self-confidence, optimism, and lack of patience. The desire to get everything at once leads to intense disappointments in case of failures. To protect the Metal Tiger from negative influences.
To help him become more calm and purposeful.
An amulet of white turquoise framed in gold will cope with failures.
The Earth-Tiger. People of this sign are characterized by thoughtfulness, logic, and communication difficulties. It is not easy for him to make friends, get along with colleagues and relatives.
This crystal also drives away nightmares and normalizes sleep.
The Fire-Tiger. Strong, purposeful, persistent - people of this sign are distinguished by an inflexible character and often go against the system, striving to change the world. The amulet with Heliodor will help the Fire Tiger balance the Yin-Yang energies and acquire beneficial long-term connections. This stone is also helpful in preventing and treating heart diseases (this organ is especially vulnerable in people born in the year of the Fire Tiger).
Wooden Tiger. Funny, artistic, with the gift of persuasion - people of this sign quickly become the soul of any company and are created for public speaking. They are natural leaders, but they also need the magical help of natural gems. A talisman with jasper will allow you to get rid of negative thinking and empty feelings, form an energy reserve and maintain strength and calm in any situation.

The powerful natural energy of a person born under the sign of the Tiger, harmonized and complemented by the magic of the gem, will help him live a prosperous and happy life.