The stones antique dealer bring misfortune meaning


In addition to their direct purpose, jewelry and especially gems included in them have the value of a talisman. This talisman brings happiness and health to the owner.

Exhalation is also done as if through a stone. To increase your energy connection with the stone, you need to put it on and, imagining yourself as if enveloped in invisible ether, try to breathe through the stone in your imagination and pour it over your body or concentrate it in a diseased organ. Repeating the exercises several times a day, gradually accustom themselves to "breathe ether" through the stone without any effort on the part of consciousness.

It is known that stolen stones exhibit harmful properties rather than positive ones; purchased stones become talismans after many years, but genuine talismans are stones donated or inherited.

Stones are also not indifferent to the gender of their owner: "female" stones are happy on the man's hand, "male" - on the woman's hand. "Men" stones shine brighter and have warm tones, and shades, "women" stones shine less strongly and have cold colors and shades.

Since ancient times, people have believed that stones should be suitable by date of birth or by horoscope. But there are many different tables of correspondence by the month of delivery of the gems. Soon I will publish all these tables, and the reader will choose what suits him best. After all, it happens that a stone seems to fit the date of birth, but a person feels that something is wrong with this stone and does not want to have it at all. And it happens that on the contrary - according to the birth tables it does not fit, but a person feels warmth and protection from it.

It is imperative to be careful with the stones that you bought from an antique dealer. Stones often take on the evil energy and the hard fate of the former owner. It is necessary to collect such collections very carefully. Try to find out about the former owners. Although, of course, antiquarians can come up with any beautiful story for you. Then the advice is to think before you buy. Try to feel these ancient stones.