Six types of faces and which earrings are best suited to each. An excellent guide for choosing jewelry.

Six types of faces and which earrings are best suited to each

To begin with, let's analyze the primary forms of the face.
Knowing your face shape is very important when you pick up earrings because jewelry is a great way to change its proportions visually.
You can get to know six basic face shapes in the photo below.
We will first pay attention to the size (size) of the jewelry, its shape, and where the most comprehensive and most prominent part is located relative to our face.
Oval face
If you have a face in an oval shape (or an elongated oval), you can technically afford to wear any form of jewelry - any length and width- and position them as you like relative to your face. The only point is that if you have a more elongated oval face shape, look for slightly longer and broader earrings.
You can choose long droplets, stud earrings, or clips (if you are not ready to make a hole in the earlobe yet). Carnations are generally a versatile option because they fit any face shape. And besides, they are so concise that you can wear them daily.
Square face
If your face type is square, then the width of your cheekbones will approximately coincide with the width of your forehead and with the length of your face vertically.
To balance such a face, we will need round earrings. They can be ordinary classical rings. If you want bolder and eye-catching jewelry, try broader and more detailed rings (for example, the photo in the middle).
The length of the drop earrings, in this case, should end much closer to the ear. They should not be too elongated.
The most important thing that girls with a square face shape should pay attention to is that the length of the earrings does not end at the level of the jawline.
Round face
If you have a round face, its length and width will be approximately the same. Such a face is also called "childish" because of the plump cheeks and full chin.
Here the task will be to visually "break" the roundness, and square-shaped earrings are perfect for this. Such jewelry may not be suitable as an everyday option - for this purpose, use long and thin drop earrings, as they will lengthen your face wonderfully. Experiment with the length - it can end even in the area of your shoulders.
What should be avoided with this type of face is rounded forms of jewelry, for example, rings, which will only emphasize its shape. Something contrasting with straight elongated lines will look much more enjoyable.
The widest part of this type of face is the forehead. Accordingly, we need to choose such earrings that will create a visual volume in the lower part of the face, on the jawline, bringing balance. That is, we do what is categorically contraindicated by the square shape of the face.
Also, the heart-face often has a pointed chin, which is located below the jawline. Six types of faces and which earrings are best suited to each. An excellent guide for choosing jewelry.

You can also choose the length of jewelry to the edge of the chin.
The most successful form is elongated earrings, smoothly expanding downwards. That is jewelry in the form of a long triangle. In addition, the more the earrings "move," the more they attract attention, and due to this, you can choose how strong an effect you would like to achieve.
Here the widest part is in the middle - these are your cheekbones. The upper part of the face is proportional to the size of the lower one. If you are the owner of a diamond-shaped face and are crazy about extensive jewelry - consider yourself very lucky because they will look amazing on you.
Without fear, we add a visual volume from below with the help of triangular, diamond-shaped earrings. The rules here are absolutely the same as for the previous type of face - we choose the length of the jewelry along the line of the jaw or chin.
The last type of face is a pear or an inverted triangle. And the widest part of it is on the jawline. You probably already guessed by what principle the earrings are selected? That's right; they should by no means highlight the wide jaw, drawing attention a little higher.
Carnations, small and large, cope with this wonderfully. If you have an evening out, try large bright clips. They are usually located just above the jawlines - ideal for a pear-shaped face.
And, of course, various long earrings. A fantastic way to visually add volume to the upper part of the face.