Purple stones and their magical power

Purple stones and their magical power

Purple stones include amethyst, tourmaline, tanzanite, spinel, sapphire.

Purple is the color of unconscious piety, which becomes the color of dark superstition in a darkened or dimmer form. It isn't elementary to get an exact purple color that would not have either a reddish or bluish hue. Many do not even understand the shades of purple. As the antipode of yellow, the color of cognition, purple symbolizes the unconscious and mysterious, sometimes threatening, sometimes encouraging, but always impressive. Depending on the neighborhood with contrasting colors, it can often cause even a depressing mood in the viewer. The catastrophes lurking in it seem to break out of the dark purple. But if he is enlightened, if his austere piety is illuminated by light and knowledge, we begin to admire his beautiful, gentle tones.

In the most general form, the range of expressive possibilities of purple shades can be represented as follows:

  • Pure purple (carries darkness, death, and righteousness simultaneously).
  • Blue-purple (causes a feeling of loneliness and self-denial).
  • Red-purple (associated with heavenly love and spiritual greatness).

By the way, the embryos of many plants have light purple shoots.