pearls from the south sea

Pearls from the south sea

This question is often asked:
Are South Sea pearls a good investment?
My professional answer:
Beads or earrings with large sea pearls look very beautiful and rich. It is a beautiful decoration. Connoisseurs can immediately distinguish it from cheap Chinese river pearls. Often jewelry with sea pearls is combined with diamonds. These are expensive, exclusive jewelry and a good gift. However, as for investments, you need to understand that you will never sell such jewelry for more than you bought. For what reason?
These are not rare precious stones such as emeralds or rubies, getting smaller every year.
It is also essential to understand that these are usually serial items found in stores. Therefore, it is doubtful that someone will buy jewelry that is not new and someone wore it. There are superstitions on this topic.
You need to understand that you are buying luxury and beauty for yourself.
Moreover, the best investment is self-awareness, which you can afford it.
You can also give this jewelry to your daughter or granddaughter.

According to the trade classification, the South Seas pearls include large white Australian pearls, golden pearls from Indonesia and the Philippines, and black pearls from Tahiti.
Pearls of the South Seas grow to quite large sizes, usually from 12 to 14 cm. 16-17 mm pearls of the South Seas are so rare that it is almost impossible to assemble a necklace from them. It is impossible to compare the price of 11 mm and 15 mm pearls. For example, an 11 mm pearl can cost about 2 thousand dollars, and a 15 mm pearl of the same quality can cost 8 - 9 thousand dollars.

Golden Pearls
Recently, pearls of fancy colors have been in great demand - saturated yellow (which should not be confused with off-white or yellow-white) and a variety of shades of golden. The best golden-colored pearls look like pure gold.
Yellow pearls vary in color from malted milk to yellow cardboard.
There are many shades of color. A necklace consisting of high-quality golden pearls measuring 11-13 mm can have a wholesale price of 50-80 thousand dollars. However, the same necklace of pearls of only a slightly weaker color, slightly brownish or greenish, will cost half as much.

Australian White Pearls
Regardless of size and weight, the primary quality of Australian pearls is their round shape. The rounder the pearl, the more expensive it is. Any sign of elongation reduces the cost of pearls. The tonality of additional shades can be of three colors: pink, blue, green. The most common shade is pink, the least common is blue.
A necklace consisting of high-quality pearls with an 11 - 13 mm diameter can have a wholesale price of 40 - 60 thousand dollars. However, the same necklace with only a slightly weaker luster will cost half as much. In 1999, a necklace of 26 perfect cultured Australian white pearls was put up for sale in New York. The cost of the necklace was 3.2 million US dollars. It took ten years to make it.