Magical properties of topaz, spinel, and tourmaline

Magical properties of topaz, spinel, and tourmaline


Pink topaz is the most appreciated. Topazes with zonal coloring are also interesting: half of the crystal is blue, the other half is golden brown.
Since ancient times, topaz has been considered a stone that reveals secrets. With his help, it was possible to influence other people, subordinate them to his will, and expose intrigues. For these qualities, he was called a "stone of psychologists," as well as a "heavyweight." Topaz attracts material prosperity.


This stone strengthens a person's temperament. Its main magical property erotically excites and gives birth to a craving for love and sensuality. It is willingly given to loved ones.


Tourmaline is a spiritual stone that develops creative abilities. Tourmaline of crimson color and zonal coloring gives inspiration to artists.
It is also a love stone. It gives men to victory in love and increases potency, especially if worn in gold. It attracts hearts.

Green tourmaline is a favorite stone of the Catholic clergy. Black tourmaline is a witch stone. But it also forms a protective aura around itself, reflecting all harmful influence.
It is believed that red grenades bring success to be passionate and active people who do not want the strength to achieve their goals. Garnet is a loyal assistant to people who know how to work with significant emotional impact.
The main magical property of red garnet is to give birth to solid and passionate desires. But sometimes, it can turn against its owner.

In ancient times, it was believed that going on a trip, you could avoid an accident if you had a garnet with you as an amulet.

He gives them good luck in all things protects them from enemies and evil forces. In men, he gives birth to passion and heals impotence.