Magical properties of Aquamarine, moonstone, and cat's eye

Magical properties of Aquamarine, moonstone, and cat's eye


Since ancient times, Aquamarine has been considered a water element stone. It can be recommended to wear to those who really love the sea and associate their hopes and life with it.
The stones of deep sky-blue color are most appreciated.
Aquamarine is a universal symbol of youth, hope, and health. He is incredibly supportive of everyone who was born in March.
Aquamarine protects its owner from dangers and deception, strengthens spirituality, and gives reasonableness. The stone cools violent emotions, extinguishes anger and irritation, helps relieve stress and fear.

In Europe, it was considered a stone of love and jealousy at the same time.6 This was facilitated by the change in the color of the stone under different lighting conditions.
There was a belief among gambling enthusiasts that alexandrite protects the owner from losing.

Chrysoberyl "cat's eye."

A variety of chrysoberyl is the cat's eye stone. This translucent mineral varies in color from yellowish-brown to almost emerald green. The stone has a silky texture and, when cut correctly, a shiny whitish line is visible right in the center, which seems to glow from the inside. The effect of a cat's eye is obtained only when cutting "cabochon."
The stone is in particular demand: it is bought mainly as a talisman against the evil eye and protects itself from evil spirits. According to legend, the "eye" sees everything and guards its owner.
Some mystics believe that this stone sharpens intuition and gives rise to a suspicion of trouble. When danger approaches, hands get heavier, interfere with work, and warn the owner.


The moonstone is translucent, bluish-silver, with a golden shimmer inside. Sometimes it appears milky white, sometimes slightly purple or brown. You can see a wandering opal inside the stone -white or blue color.

It is a stone of good luck, especially for lovers. It is very highly valued as a gift. It is believed that it awakens love and gives lovers the ability to anticipate their future.
The name "moonstone" is generated by the myth that you can get the energy of the moon through it.

On the new moon, it gets colder and shines brighter. It is believed that at this time, the power of the ancient magicians who put it in his mouth before predictions returned to him.