How powerful is blue sapphire?

Currently, in the market of jewelry stones called "sapphire," jewelry varieties of corundum of any color except red – ruby is understood. It is customary to specify the color of the sapphire precisely. For example, a green or yellow sapphire. If it says simply "sapphire," we are talking only about the bluestone. Colorless sapphire is called a leucosaphire, orange-yellow - a pubparaje (in Sinhalese - a lotus flower). There is no sharp boundary between pinkish-purple sapphires and rubies. Light red, pink, and purple corundum are usually referred to as sapphires. After all, they are highly valued among sapphires, but as rubies, they would be considered low-grade.

Deep blue sapphires have long been considered "royal stones" - a symbol of wisdom, power, victory, and justice.

In mythology, the sapphire was called the Jupiter stone. Especially great power was given to star sapphires. The rays of this stone symbolize three forces - faith, hope, and love. It is believed that a sapphire ring helps to feel a lie. It can also help people find a purpose in life, overcome fear, laziness, and inactivity, and awaken a thirst for knowledge. It is known that the high priests of Ancient Egypt wore jewelry with sapphires on their chests, on which the symbol of Truth was inscribed. Cut in the form of cabochons, sapphires resembling the sky could be worn in rings only by representatives of the upper classes of society.

The blue color of sapphire and its energy field soothe, relieve excitement, calm raging passions. This "sacred of sacred stones," cold and pure, was also considered a stone of virginity.

In the symbolism of the ancients, modesty, purity, virtue, help, friendship, selflessness was associated with the sapphire, its pure heavenly color. Sapphire and its energy field give an impulse to moral and spiritual purification. This stone is protection against fear; it will help in traveling and business trips.

It is recommended to wear a sapphire around the neck in a gold frame. It clarifies thoughts, treats skin diseases. Weak-willed people are not recommended to wear it, as it will deprive them of the initiative.