Magical powers of amethyst, citrine, and opals

Magical powers of amethyst, citrine, and opals


The name of the stone is considered to be derived from the Latin expression "free from drunkenness." Traditionally, this stone is viewed as an amulet against intoxication.
According to various ancient sources, amethyst symbolizes peacefulness, sincerity, honesty. If there is internal discord, anxiety, emotional excitement in your life - you need amethyst jewelry.

The profound inner energy of the stone will help you find peace, and inner harmony ensures health. If you are in love, your chosen one will reciprocate.
For successful, friendly contacts business meetings, buy amethyst and wear it in silver.

This stone has another feature: the objects next to it are cleaned and dramatically increase energy.


Citrine is quartz of yellow and golden-brown color.
For a long time, the yellow transparent variety of quartz was considered a stone of lies and treason. The yellow color, in general, was a stone of players' swindlers in any gambling games.

- patron of those engaged in entrepreneurship business with frequent business trips.
Citrine helps people suffering from speech defects, strengthens the mental sphere, promotes transparent and logical thoughts. This is the stone of speakers. Its yellow color stimulates mental and mental activity develops intellectual capabilities.

Smoky Quartz

The properties of smoky quartz are to excite imagination distort ideas about the physical world.
This stone helps in any life situation to incline the opinion of others in your direction. In addition, it can limit the dangerous waste of vital forces.


Perhaps, opal was a symbol of impermanence, changeability of fate due to its coloring. He often led his masters to a fascination with black magic. This stone is helpful for those who suffer from suicidal tendencies and often fall into depression.
Looking at the opals, Indian magicians recalled their previous incarnations. Currently, it is believed that opals of a warm range are stones of God, love, faith, compassion, creativity. They enlighten the mind with the play of light on their surface disperse gloomy thoughts and fears.
Opals promote mutual understanding, friendly and family ties.