Wearing colored jewelry stones in jewelry is an opportunity for every woman to reveal her individuality. If a gemstone seems very expensive and inaccessible to you, buy yourself an imitation of this stone or its synthetic analog, which scientists have produced in the laboratory. It will also be able to decorate you and give you pleasure. Learn to understand all the variety of jewelry stones, diamonds, and your life will become much more enjoyable!


Where to start?

Try to learn as much as possible about the  gemstone healing and gemstones names that you want to purchase. Look at the ones your family and friends have and compare them with those sold in jewelry stores: the difference in color, gloss, and cut. Take a walk through reputable jewelry stores and look at the assortment. If prices vary significantly, ask why. Watch, listen, ask questions and collect any information on this topic. Through this practice, you will begin to develop the skills of valuing precious stones and jewelry.

Before deciding to buy jewelry with colored stones, find answers to the following questions for yourself:

  1. What color of the gemstone do you need?
  2. Is it natural gemstone or synthetic?
  3. Does the shape of the gemstone meet your needs?
  4. Is there energy and gemstone healer in the stone? Do you like him? Does he please you?
  5. Can you afford to buy it?

If you answer all the questions positively, the product with this gemstone  mineral is intended for you.

There are several recommendations for choosing stones.

  1. Inspect the clarity of the gemstone under proper lighting. Many jewelry stores have a large number of bright light sources installed in low ceilings. Such lighting can negatively affect the appearance of the gemstone. For example, there will be no game in diamonds under such lighting, and rubies generally look much better in daylight.
  2. The light source should be above you or behind you and, at the same time, penetrate the stone from top to bottom so that the reflected light, passing back through the rock, gets directly into your eyes. It is recommended to rotate the stone and inspect it from different angles.
  3. If you use a magnifying glass, focus it both on the surface and the inside of the gemstone. A magnifying glass is special magnifying glass. With its help, you can check the stone for chips and scratches or carefully inspect the apparent inclusions present in the gemstone.

You love precious stones and believe in their magical powers. Treat yourself to pillows of bright blue color, on which you can see all your favorite gemstones: orange garnet spessartine, purple amethyst, green peridot, and pink tourmaline. The gems are so beautiful.

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