Interesting facts about the contrast in color of gemstones and their meanings

Interesting facts about the contrast in color of gemstones

This is the simplest of all contrasts. It does not impose significant demands on color vision; it can be demonstrated with the help of all pure colors in their maximum saturation.
A lot of jewelry has been created within the color contrast. This contrast gives a feeling of a unique diversity of life generated by an elemental force. Contrasting combinations of jewelry stones always evoke in us a sense of primordial cosmic-luminous forces and life-affirming materiality. In particular, it can be used to express stormy fun.
The expressive possibilities of color contrast can manifest themselves in various ways. Products that express a color difference include rubies and diamonds or emeralds and diamonds. Such products are recommended to be worn by women born under the sign of Capricorn.

The contrast of light and dark

Day and night and light and shadow are essential. These opposites are of fundamental importance in human life and nature in general. White and black are the most potent expressive means of indicating light and shadow for a jeweler. Black stones (onyx, black diamonds) and white stones (diamonds, rock crystal) form the most substantial contrast between light and dark.
White and black are opposites in every respect, but between them are gray tones and the entire range of chromatic colors.
Gray color (gray pearl, moonstone) is a characterless, indifferent achromatic color, quickly changing under contrasting colors. He is mute by himself, but he is easily "excited" by the color neighborhood and gives excellent shades.
Graystones are neutral stones. The "life" and "character" depend on the neighboring gems. So, it is believed that gray pearls in jewelry either soften adjacent stones' strength or make them more intense. As a neutral mediator, he reconciles bright opposites (ruby and emerald) with each other, simultaneously absorbing their power and thereby gaining his own "life." Products with such a combination of gemstones are recommended to be worn by women born under the sign of Cancer or Aquarius.

The contrast of cold and warm

At first glance, it may seem strange to identify the sensation of temperature with the visual perception of the color of precious stones. However, scientific studies have found that the blue-green color of the stone (emerald) reduces the pulse, while the red-orange.
(spinel, garnet, coral) increases it.
These two colors form the most substantial contrast of cold and heat. All jewelry stones of red-orange color (carnelian, citrine, topaz, fire opal) are the warmest, and blue-green (jade, jadeite, chrome diopside) are the coldest.
Usually, the colors are yellow (yellow diamonds), yellow-orange
(amber), orange (spessartine), red-orange (spinel), red, and red-purple (rubies) are commonly called warm colors, and yellow-green (peridot), green (demantoid), blue (sapphire), blue-purple (tanzanite), and purple (amethyst) are cold.
Thanks to him, the opportunity opens up with the help of the color of stones to strengthen the power of the heavenly spheres and get rid of contradictions. The contrast in one decoration of cold and warm jewelry stones can be considered the most "sounding" among other color contrasts. Such jewelry is better suited for women born under the sign of Sagittarius or Aries.