How to wear jewelry every day

How to wear jewelry every day

Rules of good taste when choosing jewelry

Wearing jewelry is subject to the rules of good taste, based on which the author offers his recommendations.

Recommendations for choosing jewelry
For young girls, jewelry that is inexpensive in material, but boldly and effectively solved in composition, is suitable. Older people are better off wearing more modest jewelry but more valuable material. Young girls do not wear diamonds, and an exception may be a simple ring with a small diamond on the ring finger of the left hand or elegant earrings—suitable jewelry for a girl - several strings of pearls.

Married women are allowed to wear all the precious stones. A cameo ring is not suitable for young women, but it is ideal for a person of elegant age.
A petite, fragile woman with long hair can wear romantic jewelry - bows, twigs, bouquets…
A complete, large woman needs to pick up classic-style jewelry—nothing flashy, bright, drawing attention to the features of her figure.
Decorations should be selected, considering the season and time of year. Products with stones "like diamonds" or sparkling colored stones, with artificial pearls are designed for evening wear and mainly for winter.
A sports-type watch is not worn to the evening toilet. At the same time, this is the only opportunity to wear a clock decorated with diamonds. A diamond necklace can only be worn to a ball with a low-cut dress.
Silverware is not considered fancy jewelry unless it is exclusive jewelry. Silver and gold products can be combined, but only in a well-thought-out combination. It would help if you did not connect a silver necklace with a gold bracelet.
Sports style involves wearing jackets and sweaters decorated with a simple "geometric" product.
Your achievements in life, financial situation, and taste will be most strongly emphasized by headsets (sets consisting of several pieces of jewelry: ring earrings, bracelet earrings, etc.). The most important thing is that these products are combined in style and inserts.
Jewelry sets include a necklace, earrings, a bracelet, and a ring of the same pattern or pattern. They should never be worn at the same time. Wear a necklace with a ring and earrings with a bracelet. You can wear an engagement ring with them.
Today, headsets with colored stones combined with diamonds and pearls are fashionable. Jewelry with classic precious stones (rubies, sapphires, emeralds, diamonds) has never gone out of fashion.
The choice of wedding and wedding rings deserves special attention. Often these are the only jewelry that a woman has throughout her life. Today, many brides resolutely refuse diamond rings. However, if you still intend to wear such a ring, be sure to consider the size of the stone: how convenient it will be for you to wear a circle with a large stone, whether a ring with small but beautiful stones is preferable. It is generally believed that the groom is obliged to buy the most expensive wedding ring that his means allow. But would the bride, often a modest working woman, prefer her future husband to get into debt?
By the way, instead of a purchased ring, it is more pleasant to receive a call from his mother or grandmother as a gift from a loved one.

Undoubtedly, his attitude to the upcoming marriage is severe and benevolent for the young man and his family.