How to get a gift from a boyfriend?

How to make a man give you what you dream of

First of all, do not hide your desires. Before the holidays, say what exactly you would like to receive as a gift. To simplify the task, you can name a specific store and address.

Some men are most afraid of being known as henpecked and begin to fulfill any female whims. With such men, speak with signs and gestures. For example, if you live together, leave the magazines open on the page with a photo of the desired gemstones and with the bookmark "it is necessary to take!"

Reasoning out loud, let your friend feel like an expert in women's tricks. Tell him about the features of precious stones.

Play on the sense of competition. Tell your lover a story about how your husband gave your girlfriend an unusual ring. Perhaps the reaction will not come immediately, but most likely, your words will be postponed in his head. By the next holiday, you will become the owner of the desired decoration.

If you do not know how to ask a man and are not very comfortable, I recommend wearing sexy panties. The panties depict your favorite toys in the form of jewelry. In the evening, let him look at them romantically. And in the morning, he will go with you to the jewelry store!
And in the morning, he will go with you to the jewelry store!