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How to find a good jewelry store

The size of the company and its age are not always absolute reliability indicators. Reputable jewelry firms consist of one person, and there are giant firms where you should not apply. The best way to choose a good jewelry store is to go to different stores. In the process of such campaigns, it is advisable to find answers to the following questions:
1. How long has the firm been doing this business? Are there any serious complaints from consumers?
2. What is the gemological training of the staff? Is there a gemologist on a team? Does the company have its laboratory?
3. What special services are provided? Is there a custom design, rare or unusual stones? Are there educational programs?
4. How are the storefronts or offices decorated? Are the collections beautifully laid out?
5. What is the general atmosphere? Are the sellers professional, helpful, discreet?
6. What is the company's policy regarding the return of goods? How long can it be returned, on what grounds?
7. To what extent does the company guarantee that its product corresponds to how it is presented?