For an emerald, the main qualitative feature is a bright green color. A bright green stone is more expensive, even if it is not completely transparent. Flawless emeralds are rare, and therefore the defect of this stone serves as proof that the stone is natural. And that is why transparent, pure emeralds of a dense green color, without defects, are especially highly valued. Light green emeralds are considered low-value stones.

By size, emeralds are divided into small - up to 0.49 carats, medium - up to 1 carat, large - up to 10 and very large – over 10 carats.

The shape and quality of the cut are also of great importance for the evaluation of the emerald. Usually a stepped cut is used, which is called emerald. There are emeralds polished with cabochon. This form is given to stones with any disadvantages. In emeralds, internal inclusions and through cracks are not allowed, which can lead to the destruction of the stone.

In accordance with international standards, the surface of emeralds should be mirror-shiny, polished. The edges of the faces should be clearly defined.

The price of emeralds can be very different. For example, an emerald with a bright green color can be valued at $5,500 per carat, while an emerald with a paler color can be valued at $100 per carat.

Emeralds obtained in the laboratory, on average, can cost about $ 40 per carat, depending on the quality characteristics.

There are both transparent and translucent varieties. The color of the emerald is grass-green of varying intensity. Pliny the Elder wrote that "there is no color that would be more pleasing to the eye than the color of a precious emerald." The emerald of the highest quality has the color of fresh young grass, it is almost pure spectral green with a very faint shade of blue. This color is characteristic of the best emeralds originating from Colombia.

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