The concept of "pearls" without additional explanations refers exclusively to natural pearls. The names "oriental pearl" "freshwater pearl" can only refer to natural pearls. Currently, the origin of natural pearls is confirmed by X-rays.

Pearl jewelry is the most expensive jewelry. Pearls have been used as jewelry for 6000 years. In China, even 2500 years before our era, the pearl trade was conducted. He is loved and appreciated for the fact that the pearls are beautiful and do not need processing. They are naturally characterized by a bright luster - chandeliers.

When assessing the rarity and exceptional value of beads made of high-quality natural pearls. In the early 1920s, Tiffany collected two necklaces sold for more than a million dollars each. One hundred chains sold for almost one hundred thousand dollars each. At the peak of its popularity between 1895 and 1930, a string of genuine pearls could cost one and a half million dollars. In October 1983, the Christie auction sold short natural pearl beads ranging from 10 to 12 mm for 374 thousand dollars. The equivalent weight is a thread of absolutely identical high-quality Burmese natural rubies.

The purchase and sale of natural pearls are made on the mass, historically expressed in grains. Still, recently it has been increasingly given in carats (1 carat is 0.2 g). One metric carat is equal to four grains. Therefore, a pearl grain is 0.25 carats.

The cost of a pearl is made up of mass and quality indicators. The mass index is determined by squaring the mass of the pearl in grains. With increasing abundance, the cost rises not arithmetically but exponentially. To name a quality indicator, you need to have a lot of experience working with pearls. When assessing quality and color, shape, and gloss, market conditions are also considered.

The value of a pearl is determined by its size (mass), shape, color, luster, and surface quality. In the evaluation of color, white and subtle shades of pink are most quoted. As for the form, the ball, the correct pear-shaped, and the correct ellipsoid are especially appreciated.