green gemstones

Green gemstones and power

Green gemstones include emerald, tourmaline. Peridot, malachite, spinel, garnet demantoid, green sapphire, beryl, cat's eye.
The most expensive and most potent green stone is an emerald. This is a stone - which gives wisdom and calm power over the crowd. According to legends, it was from emerald that the mysterious Grail cup was made. This magic bowl is still being searched for.
Many esotericists believe that Grail is a cup that angels made from an emerald that was inserted into the crown of Lucifer.
During the war of the angels of light with the angels of darkness, Archangel Michael overthrew Lucifer and, with a fiery sword, knocked emerald out of the crown of the fallen angel. Subsequently, the Grail was given to Adam, but he left it in paradise after the fall. He is still in the center of heaven and needs to be found again, as the redeemer finds the chalice and restores paradise for humanity. At the same time, some Grail seekers claim that, like the Virgin Mary, who redeemed Eve's sin, the Savior's blood saved Lucifer's sin through the Grail. This opinion is fundamentally at odds with the church's teaching and serves as one of the reasons for the irreconcilable attitude of many heretical Grail seekers to Christianity.
Green is an intermediate color between yellow and blue. Depending on whether it contains more yellow or blue, the nature of its expressiveness also changes. The operation of mixing two primary colors - yellow and blue is difficult to carry out with such precision that neither of them prevails.
Green is the color of the plant world. If green takes on yellow shades, approaching yellow-green, it creates the impression of young, spring forces of nature. If the green color takes on a blue hue, it increases its spiritual significance. In contrast to green and blue, the blue-green color gives the impression of cold solid aggressiveness. Fertility and contentment, peace, and hope determine the expressive virtues of the green color, in which knowledge and faith are combined.