The quartz family is represented by many such varieties as no other family of precious stones. Types of quartz can be both transparent and opaque in a variety of colors. Crystal quartz (rock crystal, amethyst, citrine, aventurine quartz, smoky quartz), a cryptocrystalline variety of chalcedony (chrysoprase, carnelian, agate), opal,

and some rocks consisting of quartz: jasper, quartzites are used as jewelry stones.

Rock crystal is a transparent, colorless mineral. It has always caused and is causing delight and admiration among many people who saw a symbol of purity, purity, and virtue in its exceptional transparency. Genuine rhinestone gives a feeling of coolness.

This is its distinctive property. It is a stone of clairvoyants and scientists. In ancient times, it was used by magicians to obtain secret information for this purpose. Balls were made from it.

Rhinestone gives clarity of thinking, helps to avoid unpleasant and compromising situations and incidents. If you have nightmares or terrible dreams at night, put a piece of rock crystal under your pillow.


Amethyst is transparent quartz with colors from lilac to purple, one of the most famous colored stones. Once upon a time, people believed that it brings its owner peace of mind.


Citrine is quartz of yellow and golden-brown color.


Natural stone should not be confused with glass imitations of aventurine. Aventurine quartz is an opaque green or golden-brown stone with mica spangles. Which are believed to have been first obtained by accident when copper filings got into molten glass in one of the glassworks near Venice.

Smoky quartz is a transparent brownstone of various tones and shades, up to black.

The obsolete trade name of smoky quartz is Rauch-topaz. The title includes the German word "Rauch" - smoke. Currently, it is not acceptable to use this term for quartz group minerals.

The group of crystalline quartz also includes:

rose quartz - translucent pink;

quartz "cat's eye" - fine with greenish or brown iridescence;

quartz "tiger's eye" - with golden-brown radiance;

quartz "hawkeye" - opaque with green iridescence;

rutile quartz, also called "Venus's hair" or "Cupid's arrows," is transparent colorless with rutile needle inclusions.

Translucent and opaque varieties of quartz of various colors are called chalcedony. The most popular of them are chrysoprase - apple-green stone and brown-orange carnelian.

Chrysoprase, worn in a bracelet, is considered a remedy for the evil eye, envy, and slander. This stone does not like suspicious and lazy people. He helps inventors and all those who are looking for updates, dreams, and implements bold projects.

Thinkers and people with intuition should wear chrysoprase in silver on their little fingers.

If you have a responsible business meeting, from which you expect a lot, put on a ring with chrysoprase, it will bring you success.