Yes! You can wear it every day to those people who have spiritual energy and love life and people. But for daily use, it is better to choose silver in the form of a frame.

It is a stone of good luck, especially for lovers. The moonstone is very highly valued as a gift. It is believed that it awakens love and gives lovers the ability to predict their future. The name is generated by a myth according to which it is possible to receive the moon's energy through this stone.

In some ancient books, sorcerers advised lonely girls and women to buy jewelry with a moonstone. Within a year, such a woman usually got married and found a happy family life.

Moonstone belongs to the feldspars family. It is transparent, has a milky white color. Inside the stone, you can see a wandering light of opal-white or blue color. It is popular in rings because when the hand moves, wandering light becomes more pronounced.

In addition to being practically colorless with blue glow moonstones, gray and pale brown moonstones can be found on the market. They are cheaper than moonstones with a blue glow. The price per carat of bluish stones is $ 100, and gray and brown moonstones are $13-20.