can I wear cracked emerald - inclusions


An emerald is a precious green stone. The principal value of an emerald is its beautiful bright green color. The most valuable and beautiful emeralds are mined in Colombia.

The color of the stones from Colombia is called emerald green. The color of emeralds from other deposits is compared with Colombian ones. And usually, they are 20-30 percent cheaper precisely because of the shades and brightness of the color.

The peculiarity of natural emeralds is that they are rarely wholly without internal defects (cracks and turbidity). To hide these natural flaws, jewelers almost always put these stones in oil before selling. The oil penetrates the stone, and the cracks become less noticeable. Women who do not know about this trick often begin to clean their jewelry with emeralds, and the oil flows out, and the stones become cracked again.

And then the woman thinks that her precious emerald has cracked and will now bring her misfortune. Of course, it's unpleasant, and you start thinking about the worst signs.

But nothing in your life will happen if you continue to wear this ring or earrings. I can give the only good advice – how to get rid of such cracks - go to the jeweler and ask him to fill it with oil again. It's hard to get used to this advice- but there are no other options. To understand that all commercial emeralds have internal defects and pure stones are very, very expensive.