It belongs to the number of relatively rare stones. This is an opaque stone of a natural, rich, shiny dark blue color. Sometimes there are tiny sparkling specks of silver or golden color (inclusions of the mineral pyrite). There are such synonyms of lapis lazuli as azure stone, lapis lazuli.Once in the East, where Afghanistan borders Tajikistan, ancient people mined marble, the primary material for constructing ancient temples and palaces. It was there, in an area called Badakhshan, that workers discovered bright blue inclusions of lapis lazuli in marble blocks. The emirs of that area declared the nugget the rarest value. The slaves who mined the stone were chained to the mines' walls to exclude the possibility of theft of lapis lazuli. Since that time, the peoples of the eastern steppes and mountains have revered the mineral as a symbol of the ruling deity Tengri-the Sky. The discoverers of the stone used it for facing palaces and temples. Later, from Afghanistan, the heavenly mineral gradually fell into the hands of the Persians, then to the Egyptians. Crossing ancient Greece and Rome, lapis lazuli slowly became among the Europeans. The ancient Egyptians associated lapis lazuli with the primary god Amon-Ra, considering the stone a symbol of the highest cosmic justice. Therefore, the judge of ancient Egypt wore a badge made of stone with the hieroglyph "truth" carved on it. Lapis lazuli products were placed in the tombs of Egyptian pharaohs. One of the ancient rulers in whose burial chamber lapis lazuli ornaments was Tutankhamun. The Chinese and residents of other Central Asian states symbolized the blue nugget with the power of monarchs and the Sky.

 There is a belief that it is from Badakhshan lapis lazuli that the boards of Moses are made, on which the prophet inscribed the commandments sent down by heaven. That stretches over every person - Mandarin, emir, peasant, or warrior, regardless of who he is. In addition to its use in construction and symbolism.

lapis lazuli has been used for a long time by artists of the East and West as a colorful material. Ultramarine, a bright blue paint based on resin, water, or tempera, was made from the mineral crushed into powder.

In ancient times, the blue color was considered mystical and immaterial. It personified divine truth and mystery.

Lapis lazuli is a stone of renewal, giving energy to everyone who strives to implement new plans, projects, tries to break out of the usual channel to new heights and conquests. Lapis lazuli will provide them with the help and friendship of colleagues and the successful achievement of their goals. In Europe, it symbolizes well-being, success, luck.

It is recommended to wear lapis lazuli around the neck in a gold frame. In this case, it will serve as an amulet of "great power."

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