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The clear favorites of the colored stones market are pink and blue diamonds (prices for them are growing or remain stable). Still, since last autumn, we can definitely talk about a large—scale — not only an investor but also consumer - boom in yellow diamonds. Over 10 years, interest in colored precious stones has grown by a total of 70%, and 12% of this growth has occurred in the last year, according to Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index. Although, according to the Fancy Color Research Foundation.

In 2018, yellow diamonds as a whole showed a decrease of 2.1%, only large stones weighing more than 5 carats increased.
The primary deposits of yellow diamonds are located in Africa: Angola, Central Africa, Congo, and Sierra Leone, and it was the mines of these countries that were the first to give yellow stones to the market. Subsequently, yellow diamonds were discovered in Brazil, Australia, and Borneo. For a long time, the leading supplier of high-quality yellow diamonds to the market (about 50%) was the now-closed Australian Ellendale mine.
Today, Canada and Yakutia are the leading suppliers of yellow diamonds to the market.

At the end of September in Hong Kong, the domestic concern ALROSA will hold the second auction of True Colors ("Real Colors"). The collection includes about 200 fancy diamonds. The pear-shaped stone weighing 18.07 carats of intense hue and the vivid yellow diamond weighing 6.78 carats of emerald cut is particularly noteworthy. A year ago, at a similar auction, Alrosa presented an unprecedented collection of 250 colored diamonds. The sensation of the auction was a yellow copy of the saturated color fancy vivid orangy yellow, unique purity VVS2, and weighing 15.11 carats. The stone broke the $9 million mark. Its sale has become a kind of indulgence for promoting color — and mostly yellow - diamonds for the world market.
In February, Lady Gaga appeared on the red carpet of the Oscars in the famous Tiffany & Co yellow diamond (fancy yellow couchon weighs 128.54 carats). In March, at the Baselworld exhibition, the Graff jewelry company showed two pairs of watches entirely studded with yellow diamonds: the Round Graff Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond with 211 diamonds weighing 59.25 carats and the oval Graff Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond Watch with 60 diamonds weighing 25.85 carats. The popularization of yellow stones was supported by British Vogue, publishing material on choosing an engagement ring with a "boring" yellow diamond.

Colorless diamonds, of course, are always the "main friends of girls" and are bought first. But as soon as the first hunger in the classics segment is satisfied, customers begin to look for variety. First, there are experiments with facets (from round to couches and octagons) and color. The yellow shade is the most accessible beautiful colors (we are not talking about the brown scale). A carat of a yellow stone is $ 7-14 thousand, and pink or blue $ 100-500 thousand. The price increases rapidly with the increase in carelessness: the stone's rarity dramatically affects its value.
Real natural yellow diamonds, not just cloudy colorless ones, are found in the ratio of 1 to 10 thousand stones. Depending on the intensity of the color, they may be only slightly darker than colorless ones, or they may be a bright, saturated yellow shade. Nitrogen, wedged between hydrogen molecules, is responsible for the intensity of the yellow color in the stone. The lightest color, "champagne," starts with the category "O" and "P." The top value of colorless diamonds falls on the letters D and E, after which the quality of the characteristic decreases. The meaning of "O" is obtained by colorless stones with light yellow inclusions — in other words, the lightest yellow ones actually begin with a colorless line. Surprisingly, yellow diamonds are marked according to wine characteristics - from the shade of champagne to the cognac range.

The best—selling and popular colors in Russia are fancy light yellow and fancy yellow. The fancy category denotes the apparent presence of a yellow hue. Its intensity is described by light, intense, vivid (light, saturated, bright). But the fierce and vivid shades, which sometimes even have a noticeable orange tone, are still underestimated.

To show the difference between the shades, I have collected a unique line of standards for my jewelry house, Darvol: seven diamonds of color from light yellow to fancy vivid. As far as I know, even large gemological centers in Russia do not have such a thing.
According to the Fancy Color Research Foundation, in 2018, the most significant price increase, by 1.5%, was shown by the shade of fancy vivid. In turn, fancy intense increased by 0.7%. Still, fancy yellow stones fell by 3.9%, although this is a good sign for investors: it is better to buy at lower values.