are cognac diamonds more expensive

Are cognac diamonds more expensive

Since the beginning of the XXI century, a real hit of sales has become a cognac diamond, inserted in a frame of yellow gold of the highest standard. Earrings, pendants, and pendants with this diamond are seen on representatives of the world aristocracy. In the bohemian environment, brown gemstones are considered a sign of belonging to high society. Due to the relatively low price, they are also available to the ordinary man in the street, giving such diamond products to loved ones and relatives.
Two groups of brown diamonds
Fancy diamonds of brown (cognac) color mined in diamond mines in ancient times. However, they were sporadic and costly. Relatively recently, scientists have determined that the composition of the crystal lattice of brown diamonds includes inclusions of iron and nickel, the content of which depends on the intensity and saturation of light.

Another group of diamonds, called Cognac Diamond, consists of brownstones belonging to the Cape category. These are minerals of much lower quality, having nitrogen atoms in the crystal structure, which reduce the density and transparency of the diamond.
Often nitrogen is in a gaseous state, and the diamond remains colorless. If the nitrogen atoms crystallize, then the gemstone acquires a brown hue. Depending on its concentration, the mineral's color can be light or saturated.

For the first time, Cape diamonds with a brownish color appeared on the market in the late 70s of the last century, immediately after being discovered at one of the mines in Australia.
Due to the low transparency, brownish-colored diamonds were classified as technical and used exclusively for production purposes.
The Belgian designer Pasquale Bruni, a real revolution in the layman's mind, presented his jewelry collection at the Basel Fair in 2001. His pendants, pendants, rings,
and earrings were decorated with cognac and cinnamon-colored diamonds, which looked very advantageous in a yellow gold frame.
A well-conducted marketing campaign, reminiscent of Fawaz Gruosi from the de Grisogono company in advertising black diamonds, made the brown diamond extremely popular. Its prices instantly increased several times.

This was facilitated by the news that Argyle mine in Australia had exhausted its reserves of brown diamonds.
The primary shades of cognac diamonds
Many jewelry houses began to make jewelry using inexpensive brown diamonds while receiving super-profits. Gold earrings with champagne-colored diamonds, which shine in the sun with rainbow colors, have extraordinary success.
There are seven primary shades of these minerals, among which the most popular diamonds are "champagne," "cognac," "brown," and "chocolate."
Light stones of the champagne shade are very close to yellow and often have additional colors. The darkest shade of cognac diamonds, "chocolate," is scarce.
Ordinary people, to simplify the understanding of the shade, call diamonds brown:
* honey;
* hazelnuts;
· gold;
* bronze;
* cinnamon;
* walnut;
* coffee.
Previously, brown diamonds used in jewelry production were refined, turning them into colorless diamonds. They sold with great success in specialized salons, decorating earrings, rings, and necklaces.