Blue topaz and aquamarine are blue transparent stones. Some consider them the same and do not see the difference. But the difference between them is enormous.

These are entirely two different minerals.

Aquamarine and topaz have different physical and optical properties and hardness.

Aquamarine is a rarer and more expensive gemstone than topaz. Aquamarine costs about 5 times more per carat than topaz.

Natural topaz usually does not come in bright colors. Most often, they are golden yellow with a pink tinge, colorless and blue. Pink topaz is the most appreciated. Topazes with zonal coloring are also interesting: half of the crystal is blue, the other half is golden brown. The best samples of topaz have an orange-red color and are extremely rare.

The largest faceted topaz is the light blue stone "Brazilian Princess." It weighs 4.27 kg or 21,327 carats.

This decoration has 221 facets. It is kept in the American Museum of Natural History.

Since ancient times, topaz has been considered a stone that exposes secrets or intrigues. With his help, it was possible to influence other people, to subordinate them to his will. For these qualities, he was called a "stone of psychologists" and a "heavyweight" in ancient times. Topaz attracts material prosperity.

It is recommended to wear this stone on the index finger of the right hand in a gold ring or in a pendant around the neck.

Topaz is considered a symbol of Scorpio: golden topaz gives him generosity, honesty, integrity.

Under the influence of sunlight, the color of the stone fades and gradually disappears. The color of blue topaz is more stable.

It must be remembered that topaz can easily split and handle this stone carefully, trying not to drop it.

The jewelry market mainly sells jewelry with bright blue topaz. There are even decorations with dark blue-green topaz with vibrant color. Such a bright color is not typical for natural topaz stones. It is obtained artificially. Pale topazes are irradiated and then heated so that the radiation goes away. Twenty years ago, there was a big scandal when gold rings with bright blue topaz, fraught with residual radiation, went on sale. Some women even received radiation. Now there is control over such stones. But you have to be very careful when you pick up jewelry with bright topaz in an unfamiliar and untested jewelry store.