are black diamonds worth buying

Are black diamonds worth buying?

Black diamond has the same structure, shape, and properties as pure or colored diamonds. Black diamond passes light only partially or does not pass due to the numerous inclusions or impurities that got into it during crystallization and absorb almost every morning. A high-quality black diamond has a luster. The disadvantage of black diamonds is that they often have a nested structure. That is, they are, as a rule, not single crystals but a collection of many crystals. Therefore, there are difficulties in cutting them. Cutting can take months and therefore is very expensive. Up to 90% of the stone's original weight can be lost when missing.
The most essential requirement for the quality of a black diamond is that inclusions must be arranged so evenly that it is all opaque even in intense light.
According to the existing standards in Russia, when evaluating black diamonds, they belong to the last color group.
Today, black diamonds are used in their collections by famous jewelry houses. Therefore they are gradually becoming fashionable, their price increases accordingly.
In India, black diamonds were dedicated to the god of war. In the Middle and Far East countries, this stone was considered the embodiment of masculine strength. In ancient times, it was believed that black stones brought good luck.
Theoretically, black diamonds can be found in any deposit anywhere in the world. Still, they are most often found in Brazil and South Africa. In ancient times, India was the only supplier of them.
Large black diamonds of jewelry quality are scarce. One of the most famous is the "Black Star of Africa," weighing 202 carats.
There have been many reports in the particular press about the gentrification of low-quality diamonds.

The main procedures used to transform low-quality diamonds into refined black diamonds are irradiation and heating. The stone is heated to 1000 ° C, and at this temperature, the carbon structure is destroyed, and it acquires a coal-black color.
During irradiation, the structure of the diamond also changes. Under the jewelry lamp, the irradiated diamonds turn dark green. Such light reveals the stone's internal network if you bring the light source to the rudest or calette.
The refinement of diamonds by irradiation in combination with a high pressure gives an even better result. Refined black diamonds are exposed to a force of 70,000 atmospheres to obtain a dark green or black diamond.
Such processing of a diamond allows you to preserve the brilliance and hide the defects of low-quality diamonds. Refined diamonds can also be obtained by applying a temporary black coating. High pressure together with a black coating gives a more permanent result. This coating can be either iron oxide or graphite.