It is a transparent mineral of the beryl group of light greenish-blue color. It got its name from "aqua" - water and "marina" - sea. The stones of deep sky-blue color are most appreciated. The more expressive and intense the blue shade of the GEMSTONES, the more expensive it is.

Since ancient times, aquamarine has been considered a stone of the water element. It can be recommended to be worn by those who really love the sea and associate their hopes and life with it. It is believed that if you dream of aquamarine, then soon you will have new friends, and if you wear aquamarine earrings, then love and affection will come.

Aquamarine protects its owner from dangers and deception. Strengthens spirituality and gives reasonableness. The stone cools violent emotions, extinguishes anger and irritation, helps to relieve stress and fears. It is contraindicated for dishonest people to wear aquamarine. Since their deception can be exposed.

It has long been believed in the East that the color of aquamarine varies depending on the state of the atmosphere and the owner's mood. A stone is pure blue only in clear weather or when peace and quiet reign in the soul of its owner.

Under the influence of sunlight, the color of aquamarine can burn out, so it is not recommended to sunbathe in the sun in products with this stone.


If the aquamarine blue gemstone is your talisman according to the horoscope, then you can enhance its good energy with such beautiful clothes and accessories with aquamarine prints on dark gray fabric.

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