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Peridot is a transparent stone of light green, yellow-green color, belongs to the olivine group. It was popular in ancient times. He was considered a relatively "strong" stone that promotes friendship and eliminates envy (which, most likely, strengthened friendship). In addition, if the peridot was worn on the left hand, then its owner was protected from the evil eye.

In 1890-1910, very fashionable jewelry with green peridots and small diamonds or tiny baroque pearls. These were most often pendants with floral ornaments. Such jewelry can still be found in antique shops today. They are in demand because of their elegance and grace. Such a pendant costs about 300 US dollars; if it is more extensive and more gold, the price reaches 700 US dollars.

As for modern jewelry with peridots, designers often combine green peridots with amethysts. This beautiful combination and fashion for rings with peridots and amethysts was introduced by Coco Chanel. In the 1980s, rings and bracelets with peridots and amethysts were made in Tiffany's company based on designs by Paloma Picasso.

It is not challenging to purchase small peridot, but large stones are rare. The price for peridots starts from 10-15 US dollars per carat.