Amber is a fossil resin or, in other words, fossilized tree sap. Sometimes it is called a piece of eternity because the age of amber is from 30 to 60 million years.

Amber jewelry appeared among the first in human history and served as amulets and talismans. "There are many types of amber, wrote PLINY the ELDER. Yu

White amber has the most pleasant aroma, but neither white nor wax amber is highly valued. Thick yellow (rusty, reddish-yellow, brown-yellow) amber is most valued. It is desirable that it be transparent but not have an intense shine. The advantages of amber include a soft fiery play of color." The opinion of an ancient scientist is still relevant today.

The cost factors for amber also include transparency, absence of defects, and cracks.

Inclusions in amber are a matter of the personal taste of the buyer. In some cases, it is believed that the presence of inclusions such as plant leaves. An insect increases the cost of amber, exceptionally if this inclusion is well preserved or located in the center of the insert.

Amber is a beautiful stone. Dressed around the neck, it cleanses the entire human body of toxins. It is perfect to wear it after severe debilitating illnesses to restore strength. The effect of amber can be enhanced if you make a copper frame for it.

Amber gives its owner an impulse of creativity, strengthens physical strength, faith, supports optimism and cheerfulness.

Pressed amber is often found in stores today. This is a product obtained by processing at temperatures above 140-200 degrees without air access. When amber becomes plastic, increased pressure of amber flour is accepted as a result of grinding small pieces of amber, with or without the addition of dyes.

Amber can be easily verified for authenticity if you touch it with a hot needle. The whitish smoke that appears should have the smell of burning pine. If there is no smoke, but a black mark remains, then it is not amber.

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