Alexandrite is one of the most valuable jewelry stones. In daylight, it is green, and in artificial light, it is crimson.

Stones of small sizes can often be found in products of the early 20th century, but stones weighing from two carats are scarce, their prices are very high. Today, a high-quality stone weighing three carats can cost 45 thousand US dollars.

In Russia, this rare, excellent stone was first described in a mineralogical reference book on April 17, 1834. On the day of the coming of age of the then heir to the throne, the future tsar Alexander II, so it was decided to name it in honor of the future emperor. Everyone knows what a terrible fate befell Alexander II - he was killed. After he died in 1881, alexandrite became one of the most popular stones in Russia. Many monarchists wore this gem in memory of the emperor. Together with alexandrite, it was customary to insert two diamonds into the ring - symbols of the most extraordinary deeds of the deceased monarch: the liberation of peasants and the reform of clerical work.

The tragic fate of the emperor was reflected in the future of the stone. It began to be called the stone of sadness and loneliness in Russia - the widow's stone. And if a woman, after the death of her husband, dared to wear alexandrite, she was advised to wear it paired with another ring to avoid misfortune and loneliness in the future.

Alexandrite has always been more popular abroad. Among fans of gambling, there was a belief that he protects the owner from losing. Perhaps that is why most of the rare alexandrites found in the Urals were exported abroad.

The largest faceted alexandrite is stored in the State Corporation of Gems of Sri Lanka and weighs only 15 carats.

How to work with affirmations correctly to win at the casino? Mentally consider the alexandrite stone you will take to the casino as your assistant. Surround this stone with energy and believe in your talisman. In this way, you create the power of affirmations.

I'll tell you a secret!
You need to work with affirmations to win in a unique emotional state! When you pronounce beliefs, it is essential to feel the changes.
What will your life be like when you win? What will you do? Will you stop working or, on the contrary, open your own business, which you have been dreaming about for a long time? Or maybe you will go traveling? Or buy yourself a luxury apartment, car, yacht...?
Imagine that you have won the jackpot right now!!!
Immerse yourself in this state! Feel how bundles of money appear in your hands! Feel their smell! Enjoy this feeling of joy that you are now rich!
Winning at the casino can change your life beyond recognition. And the life of your loved ones! Feel into it right now!
And every time you say affirmations to win, enter this state!
When is it better to pronounce affirmations?
In principle, it does not matter. In the evening, when you fall asleep, fall asleep with these affirmations. Urm, on awakening, repeat to yourself that you will soon become the owner of a large amount of money. Feel this state.
During the day, when you have the opportunity, say affirmations to win out loud! You can record them on a voice recorder and listen to them at any convenient option.
You will feel the result of the changes in a month or even earlier!
Experience shows that as soon as a person ceases to doubt a win, he can get it!
Why does it work?

Affirmations tune your consciousness to another wave – that you can win.
And, as you know, like attracts like! So, how to win the lottery?
30 most effective affirmations for winning at the casino

I sincerely believe that I can win at the casino!
My mind is tuned to luck!
I'm destined to win at the casino!
I always choose the winning numbers!
I'm lucky; I'm always lucky!
I'm a born winner at the casino!
I see myself as a winner in the casino!
I attract money and success!

I'm attracting a big win!
I always win!
I win at the casino and create the life of my dreams!
Every day I attract even more luck into my life!
My alexandrite ring is my secret assistant!
I feel like I'm going to win the lottery!
My consciousness believes in the reality of winning!
My faith in victory is stronger every day!
My positive thinking and faith easily find winning numbers!
My intuition will lead me to victory!
I, more than anyone, deserve to win the lottery!
Winning the lottery is my destiny!
Winning the lottery is a common thing for me!
I'm going to win!
Everyone knows that I'm always lucky!
I have the powerful support of Higher Powers!
I am the one who always wins large sums of money!
It's easy for me to imagine myself a winner!
Winning the lottery allows me to provide for my family!
I am a powerful magnet for big money!